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My current fandom is Free! and for some reason I start to ship Sousuke and Rin....<3

I love Reishi and Saruhiko from K Project too, they're forever my lovely babies _(:3 」∠)_

I need to remind you English is not my native language, so expect a lot of typos and grammar mistakes... m(_ᴗ_)m

HAPPY BIRTHDAY REISHI-SAAAN and happy glasses day too ヾ(o´∀`o)ノ
Quick doodle because I’m sleepy djiwkskksjxjkajx
Saru was dressing him for a party, well of course it’s his birthday party~~


Shoujo Rin vs Shonen Rin




wow…both of Sousuke’s songs are so beautiful, and they’re seriously basically all about Rin (´Д`)

Excerpt from “The Last Race Towards Tomorrow 明日へのラストレース”:
"I hope we can find a future where we will be able to laugh together, and I was finally able to meet the person who shared the same dream as me one more time."

Excerpts from “Just Wanna Know”: "Please tell me what you think, let’s change towards the same summer together." "It should always be clear the reason why I want to drive you forward."

also Sousuke clutching his shoulder in the CD cover is really not okay but it’s so hot UGH


Soulmates level: over 9000


This time, I’ll be the one waiting for you…

14,962 plays
Yamazaki Sousuke (CV: Hosoya Yoshimasa)


I didn’t see this anywhere yet so here you go! Preview of Sousuke’s Character song (Last Race towards Tomorrow) as it played on Iwatobi Channel ES!

(You can hear Mamo and Zakki crying promoting merchandise and talking all over it)

(via swimclubboys)


Am I the only one that thinks Rin sounds like he’s giving Haru husband advice when he’s telling him not to worry about the fight with Makoto because he and his husband Sousuke always have fights ? ? :’)

Rin introducing himself in English.

Happy Birthday Sousuke!!! 09.14

May the Happiness will always be with you forever(*^^)